Historic Longboard Race Revival Series

The Historic Longboard Racing Revival Series takes place at noon on every third Sunday of January, February, and March.


Skis must be 9-16' or longer, made of wood, and only authentic "Dope" wax allowed (modern ski wax is banned). Wear 1860's style attire and leather boots.

Registration takes place from 10:00-11:15 and drawing of the numbers starts at 11:45.

Racing requires a ski club membership and a fee of $20.


There are a limited quanity of Ski Club Skis available to rent on a first-come first-serve basis.

Rental fees are $20






Family-friendly event

Food and alcohol for sale.

Shuttles are available.

Suggested donation at entrance to the ski hill.



2022 World Champions

  1. Wendy Antibus
  2. "Calamity" Abby Marshall
  3. Rachel "The Rascal" Bauer
  1. Greg "Slick Bottom" Hinds
  2. Jackson "Jackpot" Webster
  3. Eric McGrath

February 2023 Results

  1. Wendy Antibus
  2. Rachel "The Rascal" Bauer
  3. Kina Nemeth (Team TNT)
  1. Adam “The Interloper” Henriques
  2. Greg "Slick Bottom" Hinds
  3. Dale "The Butcher" Lambert

Photos by Chris Coughlin