Who We Are

Our goal is to continue revitalization efforts by expanding and organizing membership involvement and focusing efforts on ski area improvements.

The Plumas Ski Club, a non-profit corporation, has managed and operated the Plumas Eureka Ski Bowl since the 1950's. The area has been operated under a concession agreement with the State of California, Department of Parks and Recreation. Although the area lifts have not been in operation for the past several years, the focus of the ski club is to offer community skiing while maintaining and promoting the historic background of our ski area.


What We've Achieved

In the past few years alone our fundraising and volunteer efforts, with the assistance of other partners, have allowed us to make improvements to the Ski Hill:

Purchased and installed a new generator.

The low-emission propane generator allowed us to retrofit the Indorf Lodge with electricity and provide commercial power as a music venue.

Kept the Longboard Races alive and provided support to the Lost Sierra Hoedown.

The Plumas Ski Club worked hard to revitalize the Longboard Races, the Ski Hill, and assist with events like the Lost Sierra Hoedown.

Built a new groomer shed and renovated the bathrooms.

The shed provides storage and protection for the groomer. Installed new bathroom siding.

Dug and built a new well.

The new well and the addition of newly installed spigots outside of the bathrooms allows for potable water access.

Replaced the deck on the Indorf Lodge.

Using wood salvaged from the Dixie Fire, volunteers tore down and replaced the deck of the Indorf Lodge in 2022.

Future Plans

Short-term goals for the the Plumas Ski Club include:

Constructing a surface lift to reopen the Ski Hill.

Our number one future priority is to have a surface lift that is a beginners surface lift intended primarily for teaching beginner skiing and snowboarding. Our goal is have the lift be functioning in 2024.

Implementation of a vegetation management plan.

The Ski Club recieved a grant to masticate brush and remove select trees on over 80 acres of the ski hill to to improve ski trails.

Extend electricity to the bathrooms.

We plan to retrofit the bathrooms to have electricity from the generator.


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Michael Clawson

Photo by Michael Clawson

Elected Board Members

Greg Hinds
Greg Hinds President
Greg was raised in Plumas Eureka just down the hill from Johnsville, and like so many from the area, he had the great pleasure of calling the Johnsville Historic Ski Bowl his home-town ski hill. From his early days being coached by Donald Fregulia himself on the Johnsville Junior Ski Team, up through present day, Greg has enjoyed getting up on the mountain and shredding the gnar. Greg formally joined the Plumas Ski Club Board of Directors in 2015 and has been the board vice president since 2017. He works to support Don in all Plumas Ski Club efforts, teaches the FRC Community Longboard Building Class with Max Breedlove, and is a proud World Champion longboard racer. Greg has a private civil engineering practice based in Graeagle providing sustainability-driven civil engineering services and considers himself a “homesteader in progress” working toward a more self-sufficient and fulfilling lifestyle with his wonderful wife Truly (who also learned to ski at the hill!). Like Donald, Greg sees his efforts with the Plumas Ski Club as a way to give back by helping ensure the community has an opportunity to enjoy the Johnsville Historic Ski Bowl for generations to come!
Max Breedlove
Max BreedloveVice President
Bob Burney
Bob BurneyTreasurer
Bob Burney’s family homesteaded property in Meadow Valley in 1906. 50 years later Bob was born in Oakland. He visited Plumas County every summer since before he could walk and moved here permanently in 1986. Bob joined the Plumas Ski Club circa 1996, started the website in 2000 and was elected Treasurer in 2002. Bob retired from the automotive industry in 2000 and started a local Computer Services business from which he is mostly retired now. A day with locals and friends at the Ski Hill is always a unique experience and a great time. Working to keep things going in the right direction and continue improvements is the goal.
Don Fregulia
Don FreguliaPSC Board Member Liaison to CA State Parks
Donald is a 4th generation Johnsville local and his family traces their roots back to the mining days at both Squirrel Creek and the town of Johnsville itself. Donald joined the Plumas Ski Club Board of Directors in 2007 and has been the board president since 2014. “My vision for the Plumas Ski Club is to see a safe, affordable, sustainable, and community based ski hill at Johnsville” In his day job he is a District Fire Management Officer on the local Plumas National Forest. Donald learned to ski at Johnsville when he was 3yrs old and remembers fondly the old days of PUSD Saturday ski programs and later racing for the QHS Race Team. Donald remembers the first Historic Longboard Revival Race day at Plumas Eureka Ski Bowl and being enthralled with the “old guys” racing on Doug Fir planks. He built his first pair of Longboards in 1998 and has been a racer ever since. Donald has a wife and two boys who all love skiing and hope to preserve the soul of it at Johnsville for years to come. For Donald the Plumas Ski Club is his way to give back to the community at large and hopes to one day join all of you on the deck and watch people ski!